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VIP Update 6-18-16 Jun 18, 2016

Hello Everyone This message is sent to all my members of PTC HUB LLC and Cash Any Time So after 11 years paypal has terminated my account without notice because they will no longer be doing business with advertising sites especially those that show ads on the front page. ( Which mines do and i will NOT change ) My sites where Paypal APPROVED as i had submitted my sites to them business EIN and told them my marketing Plan They changed there policy and terms on June 1st my account was terminated on June 3rd When i called they terminated me so quickly because they knew i offered front page advertising which is now against there polciy I had to take a step away for a bit because this had made me mad & sad,and now i had to try to figure out how i will pay my members let alone how to receive payments. After a much NEEDED break i am back and as you can see PTC HUB LLC has a brand NEW look and i am ready to start promoting STRONGER then ever. I had to change my marketing plan for PTC HUB LLC to use Paypal, but now since there gone i can return to my original idea and that has me EXCITED again... i have been busy looking for new payment processors I have found Payza Stripe Skrill Bitcoin Google Wallet PAYTOO Wallet Solid Trust Pay It will take a little while before they ALL become available as i am NEW to them and must learn how they work. For now i will be using Payza but as all of you know Payza fees are much higher then paypal There is NO POINT in trying to cashout $0.10 when Payza has a 3.90% fee PLUS $0.59 So i will have to increase the withdrawal amount, for standard members it will be $3.00 and for premium members $2.00 For ALL my Cash Any Time members dont worry more ads will be added to balance the difference in your daily earnings and you being able to cash out Cash Any Time Will Continue To a daily Payout site For the month of June you can continue to submit your daily payment request , be sure to follow the cash out withdrawal terms For all the pending payments they will be paid , i cant officially say when as i still have to fund my payza account If you have a payment pending at either site please send me a support ticket with username, paypal email address and payza email address If you still prefer to be paid with paypal you can create a invoice with paypal and i will pay that way Please send me a support ticket and let me know YOU prefer this method instead Please know one i submit payment i will verify the payment If you need to pay with credit/debit card please use stripe To help fund my Payza account i am offering 2 extra months FREE on all membership purchases for the month of June If you add funds to your PTC HUB account i will add a extea 15% to your purchase balance So update on whats to come a Increase in the minnimum amount to withdraw Cash Any Time will receive NEW ads in July PTC HUB will be adding 5 -7 NEW ways to get paid In July Earn 2 FREE months memberships when you by one Earn 15% EXTRA when you add funds At PTC HUB LLC Well everyone i think this covers everything if not i will send another email lol I hope you and your families are doing well ((((HUGS)))) Selena Owner PTC HUB LLC & Cash Any Time

Terms For Commission Payment May 18, 2016

Hello Everyone Today is the final day for all pending payments You must submit a ad to get paid As i told you all a few weeks ago , it is NOW a requirement for you to use our service. For every commission request you are required to submit any advertisement with a minimum of 25 credits. Thank you Selena

Important Update 5-1-16 May 01, 2016

Check your site in box

Congratulations To Allers !!! Mar 28, 2016

Congratulations $0.02 has been added to your account for referring 2 NEW members to PTC HUB LLC

Congratulations To vanthu121210 !!! Mar 28, 2016

Congratulations $0.12 has been added to your account for referring 12 NEW members to PTC HUB LLC

Congratulations vanthu121210 !!! Mar 27, 2016

Congratulations $0.12 has been added to your account for referring 12 NEW members to PTC HUB LLC

Update 2-23-16 Feb 24, 2016

Tons of NEW features coming very soon.

PTC HUB Update ! Sep 28, 2015

Hello PTC HUB Members As some of you may know i have added many NEW ads, I will continue to add more ads every week Over the next 2 weeks i will be making many changes to PTC HUB Cash out , Terms, Current Memberships, Adding New Memberships etc Here is a small list of some of the changes to come All Members Must Be ACTIVE To Receive Payment For Standard members the minimum amount to request cash out is 0.10* the maximum amount you can request to cash out is 0.50*. You can only request cashout once per month with a minimum of 30 days since your last cash out For every cash out request you must create and submit a NEW paid to click ad with a minimum of 25 ad credits. All members are REQUIRED to submit the ads below once per month to be considered active 1 Banner with a minimum of 100 credits 1 Ft Banner with a minimum of 100 credits 1 Featured Ad with a minimum of 100 credits 1 Featured link with a minimum of 100 credits NEW Requirements To Be Paid: Your Profile MUST be completely filled out including a picture You must join our ptc autoresponder list , this is for incase we have any down time or any issue i am still able to comunnicate with you and provide updates. Happy Clicking Selena

News Update 7-12-15 Jul 12, 2015

Hello HUB Family, First Welcome To ALL The NEW Members Who Joined The HUB Life Family. If there is anything i can help you with please send me a email at All requested commission earnings have been paid New ads will be available on july 14th Effective today the minimum cash out will be 0.25* and the maximum amount to cash out for standard members will be 0.50* New cash out requirements. once a month you must have 1 ptc ad with 100 credits and 1 banner with 50 credits. This is a advertising site, so the site needs ADS after the updates to the site by tuesday there will be no more changes for 3 months, i will only make necessary changes every 3 months. For any member who does not follow the rules there account will be suspended for 60 days. well i think that will be all for this update Happy Clicking Selena

PTC HUB Thanks You Berx2015 & Rennie42 Jun 11, 2015

Thank you Berx2015, rennie42 for promoting PTC HUB and Our Banners. Your account has been credited with 0.05* Thank you Selena Proud Owner Of PTC HUB LLC

PTC HUB Update - Members claiming i DONT pay ??? 6-11-15 Jun 11, 2015

Hello Everyone Selena here, it has been brought to my attention that some members are claiming i do NOT pay. I would like you to tell me why you are going around saying i do not pay ? The minimum amount to cash out is $1.00 if you click ads its easy to reach ive even created ads up to 0.10* per click. So explain to me which part you have a problem with where you would LIE and say i dont pay ? I answer ALL emails and support tickets. I even respond well after closing time up to 3am CST So let me be clear again, this is NOT just some old ptc site for me This is a paid to click site that i have registered as a business. A paid to click site that i advertise on NEW sites daily. A paid to click site that i pay money to advertise with And the most important a paid to click site that HAS PAID YOU !!! The emails asking me to change things just STOP i will not change anything on my site unless i choose to and its for the better. You are asking me to change things when you havent Logged in since youve joined Dont click ads Dont bother to read the weekly updates nor the news section You havent even help promote the site If you dont like the legit way and the honesty and the open communication i offer with PTC HUB Then please fill free to delete your account. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or to say you like the service or show proof you have been paid. Then please post in the correct thread in the forum. Take care Happy Clicking Selena

PTC HUB Update -Welcome To All The New Members - Get paid to refer NEW members 6-11-15 Jun 11, 2015

BIG welcome to ALL the new members who have joined PTC HUB LLC In the last couple of days. Hi my name is Selena i am the proud owner of PTC HUB Please take a look around and get use to everything Im glad you have joined the HUB Life Family We Currently have 109 ads available to click I will be adding a minimum of 10 new ads a day for everyone to click PTC HUB has grown to 254 hub life members Lets work together to grow the site membership I am looking for serious members who would like to earn extra money for bringing in NEW members I will pay you 0.0004 per signup to start For every 100 members you refer to PTC HUB in 1 week you will earn a .50* bonus There is NO limit to this offer , so if you refer 1000 members i will pay you 5.00 If you refer 20 members in 1 week you will earn a .05* bonus For every member that is active at least 20 days out of the month i will pay you a extra 0.0025* per member If you are intrested be sure to send me a support ticket. I want to send a big THANK YOU to odie7777, urod12, chaque64, sutudo and lehuyit275 you all have been the most active here at PTC HUB. Odie7777 THANK YOU for helping me to promote PTC HUB LLC Well you guys and girls thats it for this update. I hope you all arfe enjoying your week Take care & Happy Clicking Selena

Very Important PTC HUB Update 6-9-15 Jun 09, 2015

Hello Hub Life Family I have some important updates to share with you 1. I have added NEW ads for everyone to click , so have fun clicking 2. Payments will now be made on Friday and Saturday only , i have 1 pending payment and that will be paid out later today. 3. I was introduced to E Money Space and was told it was a good idea for me to promote PTC HUB on there. It was a great idea , brought in some new family members. But i am bothered with seeing some of the HUB Life members posting payment proofs for another ptc site. WHICH IS COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE AND RIGHT. But i am bothered by the fact you didnt post a payment proof for PTC HUB , some of you have showed payment proofs for 0.03* and 0.18* when you have earned way more here with PTC HUB. I personally dont think that is fair to PTC HUB, Effective immediately for any member that has received a cash out from PTC HUB to receive your next cash out you will be required to post proof of payment on E Money Space or TALK PTC . You must submit the website page to me showing you posted proof of payment You Must Also Submit 1 payment proof a month Im not here to be like all the other PTC sites , PTC HUB LLC is here to operate as a REAL business this is way more than a ptc site for me. My dream is to have members paying there bills every month with PTC HUB commission If you are not looking to make money and be ACTIVE then PTC HUB is NOT for you.... For All the NEW family members you can request your earnings and it will be paid to you, then we ask that you post payment proof and send us the link. Then post payment proof once a month 4. I will be adding a NEW category in the members area called Daily Specials Example: On Fridays you will be able to cash out at .50* earnings But be warned you will still get the paypal fee deducted I will send another update when this is ready Thank you Selena

New PTC Ads Today 5-31-15 May 31, 2015

Hello Hub Family I will be adding NEW ptc ads you will be able to earn commission ranging from 0.00001* to 0.10* per click All paid to click ads that have a earning of 0.01 to 0.10* will be limited So act quickly, first come first clicks.... So check in the morning my time 9am CST and be ready to click For the first week of june i will be hosting a referral contest from june 1st through june 7th for every new member you refer i will pay you 0.03* and your referral 0.02*.. There is no limit so RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT I have created a variety of banners for you to promote so help yourself If you would like to earn more money per click click the green button $3.91 in the members area and upgrade to Retire on a budget plan. I will be having ads earning from 0,00001 through $1.00 for the members upgraded to that membership. Be sure to surf the Speed Clicks Ads and earn some speedy cash I hope you all are enjoying your day Happy Clicking Selena

Welcome To All Our New Members / Updates 5-16-15 May 16, 2015

Hello New PTC HUB Members, Thank you to all the new members who have joined this ground floor ptc site. My name is Selena and the PROUD owner of this site. To All 144 members please take the time to look around your back office, all members who upgrade will earn a 2nd income on the members that upgrade after you.. It doesn't matter who there sponsor is. PLEASE NOTE When joining PTC HUB LLC you are not required to verify your email address but you will get a email to verify your email address to verify your 2nd income you must click this or you will miss out on commission To see your 2nd income click on matrix position in your members area So far the Grand Opening and PTC Network memberships are the most popular where members are upgrading . They are both Just $3.00 I personally will be promoting online the Retire On a Budget For $3.91 Im looking to help average people earn $200.00 to $20,000.00 a month from home So if you are interested in being apart of this movement I Recommend you JOIN NOW & help promote Commission will be paid out later today. Please completely fill out your profile, add a picture and meet and greet in the forum I hope you all are enjoying your weekend Take care Selena

VERY Important Feb 08, 2015

In the members Area We MAde a Error To The Attention Banner. Please Join and Submit Your Payment Through Once Completed We Will Add Your Membership To Your Account Within 36 Hrs

Attention New Members Feb 08, 2015

Hello All New PTC HUB Family Members. Do Not Forget To Grab Your Free PTC Ad Pack. Happy Clicking PTC HUB